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John Segesta is an advertising, commercial and editorial photographer credited with over 200 magazine covers, thousands of editorial by-lines and myriad advertising campaigns. His photography was honored in the highly competitive advertising category of the prestigious Communication Arts Photo Annual 52. John's clients include LG Electronics, Powerbar, Gatorade, MilkPEP, GU Energy, Nuun Active Hydration, Athena Water, Active Network, and brands throughout the health, fitness and endurance sports industries. His advertising and editorial work has appeared in The New York Times, Men's Journal, Outside, Bloomberg Business Weekly, Runners World and many other publications throughout the world.

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Cervelo shoot in Colorado


This summer we traveled to Colorado to shoot Cervelo’s 2015 line of bikes. I had my best guys on hand for this one, with Silas King doing tech and River Jordan on First Assist. It’s not often I get top guys like this on a bike industry shoot. But for this one I did and it paid off.

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A little over a year ago I started working with the women’s lifestyle, performance and Yoga brand Soybu. Since then, we’ve worked together in many locations. In December we shot a few days in the brand’s hometown of Denver. It was a blast. These are a few favorites.

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Jimmy Riccitello

Jimmy Riccitello

I first crossed paths with Jimmy Riccitello sometime in the mid 90s. He was in his prime then, although I seem to remember him already making self-deprecating remarks about his age and imminent retirement.

I'm not sure where we first met. It may have been at the then-huge race in Santos Brazil. On a shuttle from Sao Paulo to the coast city, lots of us crammed in a van and played with the latest in electronic gadgetry. If only we'd know what was to come...

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Can Craig Alexander Win Number Four?

Ironman World Championships - Craig Alexander

Australian Triathlete Craig Alexander will be racing the Ironman World Championship this Saturday at age 40. Can he win his fourth title? Here's a look back on his wins in 2008, 2009 and 2011.

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Kona: 12 Favorites

Ironman World Championships

I’ve been to Hawaii at least 25 times on various shoots and assignments. Every year in October since 2000, I’ve attended the Ironman World Championships on the Big Island. For many of those years, I covered the event, starting before dawn and finishing after midnight. A 20-hour day in brutal conditions. More recently, I’ve made the trip down to service my commercial clients; with so many of the world’s top athletes converging on one spectacular setting, the days before and after the race offer a unique opportunity to capture special images. But it’s the images and memories from race day that are most enduring. I picked a dozen favorites from the archives to share here. Enjoy.

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Raging Bull

Floyd Landis

My old studio in San Diego was about 500 feet from a liquor store. Shortly after getting popped for PEDs, Floyd Landis came in for an evening portrait session. There were a few beers in the fridge and there was your typical Craft service, but Floyd was in a drinking mood and it wasn't long before he’d dispatched anything on hand and excused himself for a short trip to the corner store. Many beers later...

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